Kokoa Collection for coffee shops

We are the experts for everything hot chocolate!

Our wholesale customers benefit from our quality products, a personable support service and brand recognition for our award winning hot chocolate collection.

Set up an account to start stocking, order via Rekki, follow link for web store or via our National network of wholesale distributors. Ask us for details.

Why Kokoa Collection?

Seven award winning hot chocolates in varying cocoa percentages, prepared using tablets of real chocolate (plus Flakes in two origins and 32% Organic Cocoa Powder or Fairtrade)

Each variety is made with chocolate sourced from a single origin with its own distinct character.

For best results present jars on front counter or menus and select at least four varieties.

A complete hot chocolate solution that increases your profit margins whilst improving the experience and enjoyment for your customers. Can offer gingerbread hot chocolate, chilli chocolate or other flavour sugars and eye catching presentation accessories.


Key Benefits

  • The Award Winning Hot Chocolate
  • Attractive Counter Presentation
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Point Of Sale and Marketing Support
  • Annual UK Hot Chocolate Festival
  • Starter Packs with full recipe instructions
  • Portion Controlled
  • Knowledgeable Operational Support

Starter pack

Everything you need to get started:

  • 4 Display Jars and Tags
  • Bamboo Tongs
  • ‘Magic’ Whisk
  • Presentation Counter Mat
  • A4 Strut Card
  • 25 Tablecards
  • 5 Table Talkers / Tent cards
  • Optional Flavoured Sugars
  • Optional Serving Accessories

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